Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

I can’t decide what I like.  Beard and receding hair or shaved head and face.  What do you think? (Animated GIF below) It’s less work to have the beard at first, but trimming it can be a … Continue reading Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Tips for Interviewing Someone

Interviewing is like golf.  Anyone can do it, but it’s hard to be good at it.  The goal is to quickly ascertain if a candidate is a worthy member of your team and if they … Continue reading Tips for Interviewing Someone

Public Speaking Tips

I’ve been asked recently about my abilities related to public speaking.  I feel very comfortable in front of a crowd and can tell stories and relate information in an engaging way.  I don’t want to … Continue reading Public Speaking Tips

The moment that defined my character

From kindergarten through 2nd grade I lived in a lower-middle class neighborhood in New York called Spring Valley.  I had friends.  In fact, in second grade, I was popular; mainly because I was tall, athletic and smart. … Continue reading The moment that defined my character

The UX of Buying A Drum Kit

Two things I am good at are Pool and Tennis.  Each requires a specific piece of equipment that makes a big difference in how you play.  If someone asked me to help them buy a … Continue reading The UX of Buying A Drum Kit