Gas is too expensive

I want an electric car. This is ridiculous.  The picture below is me after paying.

Enter to Exit

What kind of crazy designer thought this was a good idea?  (Screen of an ATM machine I was using) Press Enter to Exit.  It’s like Windows 95-Windows Vista: Press Start to Shut Down. I don’t … Continue reading Enter to Exit

Perfect work or Proud of your work

Perfect work.  100%.  Every detail polished. You look at Apple products and this sort of precision and attention to detail is obvious.  Steve Jobs was a master at the details and he created a company … Continue reading Perfect work or Proud of your work

Fundamental Attribution Error

Pyschology and UX are very closely related.  How do people act?  What do they think?  How do they decide?  To be a great UX Designer, you must understand human psychology as a core aspect of … Continue reading Fundamental Attribution Error

The UX of the Mac Mini (My First Mac)

I bought two iPod Shuffle mp3 players for my kids.  While in the store, I looked at the program GarageBand.  It was pretty slick.  In addition to learning tutorials on piano and guitar, it had … Continue reading The UX of the Mac Mini (My First Mac)

Beta on My Laptop & My Phone

I just installed the latest Windows 8 on my Samsung Series 9 laptop.  Much better than last version.  I am still not a fan of Metro and I think the UI took a step backwards … Continue reading Beta on My Laptop & My Phone