A New Host? (Maybe Not)

It’s such a pain to move to a new host.  DNS changes.  Import/Export of WordPress. Debugging.  New security.  Redirects. Let’s face it, it’s a huge hassle, so I need to have exhausted all my options. … Continue reading A New Host? (Maybe Not)

A New Host Maybe?

I have been feeling for quite some that the performance of my blog was dragging.  I just implemented a new plugin to do caching and it seems to help a little.  However, the internal tool, … Continue reading A New Host Maybe?

The UX of Fairness

Take a look at this fascinating 1 minute video. How can a little monkey like that have such an immediate and intense reaction to something that is unfair?  We clearly have a fairness gene.  Something … Continue reading The UX of Fairness

The UX of Running for President

It’s like you are on camera 24/7.  When do you have time to make a mistake?  When can you daze off or pick your nose?  When can you say to someone “You are an asshole”? … Continue reading The UX of Running for President

The UX of Online Help

Go to any computer program you use on a daily or weekly basis. Find the online help.  Next, find an article in the middle, something fairly obscure, but something you are aware of.  (Not an … Continue reading The UX of Online Help

LinkedIn Endorse vs Recommend

One feature I like about LinkedIn is how you can write a recommendation for someone. Basically, you sing their praises and it ends up on their profile. I have 36 recommendations for me and 58 … Continue reading LinkedIn Endorse vs Recommend