The UX of Socks

Today, I counted 9 unmatched socks.  That’s 9 worthless socks.  The problem is a UX one.  They all look different.  Because they all look different, if I lose one of the pair, I can’t match … Continue reading The UX of Socks

Disrupting a Market with UX

Very often, a market can be disrupted by a single UX improvement.  That improvement may not be easy to accomplish, but when you do it, you often can build a significant company.  Some examples: CRM … Continue reading Disrupting a Market with UX

Write Less on your Website

I look at websites alot.  People I am recruiting, companies I interact with, even just for professional curiosity.  One of the key things I look at is the text.  I look to see if the … Continue reading Write Less on your Website

The UX of Google Images (2013)

Recently Google “upgraded” their user interface for Google Images.  I use Google Images ALL THE TIME.  I am big on presentations with large graphics and I find their service invaluable.  There is one spot, however,  that … Continue reading The UX of Google Images (2013)

Hindsight in 2020

It’s all so clear to me. This is the year that everyone will have perfect hindsight.

Using PowerPoint for Storyboards

On my design team, the main work product is PowerPoint storyboards.  We deliver these files to Engineering.  In a nutshell they include: A linear walk-through of the feature in fairly high fidelity Animation for menus, drag n drop and … Continue reading Using PowerPoint for Storyboards