Housing in the Bay Area

When I was a kid, a million dollar house was a mansion.  People in million dollar houses were rich, very rich.  Now, a million dollar house (in the SF Bay Area) is nothing.  It’s a … Continue reading Housing in the Bay Area

Bad UX: Sharp TV Support

Still perfecting the new TV.  I tried plugging in a USB 2.0 thumb drive into the USB port to watch a 4gb movie.  Voila! It worked and played without flaw.  The remote control worked properly. … Continue reading Bad UX: Sharp TV Support

UX Lesson: Understanding the Domain

When designing something, it is critical that you understand the domain.  This means that you understand the context the design will be used and the underlying subject matter the design is used for.  It includes … Continue reading UX Lesson: Understanding the Domain

The UX of Teaching UX

Tell me, and I will forget. Show me, and I may remember. Involve me, and I will understand. – Confucius, BC 450 Sounds good, right?  Confucius had a way with words.  However, reality is more … Continue reading The UX of Teaching UX

Occupy Wall Street Revisited

Almost two years ago, I wrote up a UX critique of the Occupy Movement.  Sadly, I was right.  The movement faded away and hardly anything has changed.  Banking is the same, the 99% is still … Continue reading Occupy Wall Street Revisited

Time to Bake

Design needs time to develop properly.  You can whip out stuff super fast, but it probably won’t be very good. Design can have logic bugs, sub-optimal flows, unintended consequences, poor usability, unhappy customers and other … Continue reading Time to Bake