UX Candidate Design Challenge – v2

I had previously posted my UX Designer interview challenge.  I just wrote a new version, so I figured I could post the one I was using here. It is a continuation of the previous challenge. … Continue reading UX Candidate Design Challenge – v2

Being Sick

For my whole life, I have been nearly immune to the common cold.  I might get a headache or a runny nose, but I don’t ever remember running a fever or being bedridden.  This sounds good, … Continue reading Being Sick

Prediction: Upcoming Android Names

Here are all the names of the Android Operating system up until now AND what I predict they will be in the future. Alpha (1.0) Beta (1.1) Cupcake (1.5) Donut (1.6) Eclair (2.0–2.1) Froyo (2.2–2.2.3) … Continue reading Prediction: Upcoming Android Names

The UX of Certification

A certification is a promise from the company to the management of the customer.  It means that if you (the customer) hires someone who passes the certification that we (the company) promise that they will … Continue reading The UX of Certification