UX Trendiness

Should your designs be trendy? It’s kind of a loaded question. If you follow the trends then you are being a design leader. However, if you don’t follow the trends, you are at risk of being left behind as irrelevant. Not everyone can make the new, cool thing.  So the question remains, how much should…Continue readingUX Trendiness

Ideas are Fragile

This morning, a designer and I had an idea. It wasn’t a big idea. In fact it was fairly unimportant and related to graphic design. However, the size of the idea has nothing to do with the feeling you have for it. People love their ideas regardless of whether they have merit or are complete…Continue readingIdeas are Fragile

UX Design Career Levels

I’m often asked how I measure success or develop career growth for designers. I’ve made this map to help guide. Use this to know if you are in the right title and what a promotion entails. Also use this in recruiting to put someone at the right level when they join. I hope its helpful.…Continue readingUX Design Career Levels

The Muppets Review (2015)

I watched the show. Although it was funny in parts and well executed, it just wasn’t the right show for me. It was derivative, basically mocking The Office or 30 Rock. I don’t think my kids thought much of it. It was just a regular show. To fix it, I would change one core element.…Continue readingThe Muppets Review (2015)

Question Rich, Answer Poor

How can you make a decision when you don’t have the facts? In truth, it happens every day. The answer is that you just make a guess. Often, the HiPPO (Highest Paid Person’s Opinion) is the one people adopt. Here is a noteworthy quote: If we have data, let’s look at data. If all we…Continue readingQuestion Rich, Answer Poor

Product Idea: Wearables for Women

Most technology products are geared towards men. The styles and capabilities are designed for bigger wrists. However, women all have smart phones too. In fact, they have an additional distinct disadvantage. They put their phones in their purse, where they don’t feel the vibration of a call. It’s a running joke in my family that…Continue readingProduct Idea: Wearables for Women

Adders, Dividers and Multipliers

A manager once described his team to me as Adders, Dividers and Multipliers. I also heard a similar theory on NPR’s Fresh Air. Specifically about baseball players, but it applies to any team. Adders These people do their jobs. You add them to a team and they pull their weight. They are solid players, but…Continue readingAdders, Dividers and Multipliers

The Muppets: Please don’t ruin my childhood

Apparently Disney and ABC are going to have a new Muppets show starting this fall. This is dangerous territory. I’m not fucking around here. The Muppets are a key element of my childhood and when I think of the Muppet Show, my heart fills with love and warmth. They better not ruin it! Already, I see…Continue readingThe Muppets: Please don’t ruin my childhood