Halloween 2015

It’s been getting harder and harder to get dressed up for Halloween. It used to be so easy, I looked forward to dressing up each year. I think it’s because the kids are getting older and don’t want to trick or treat with me anymore. Maybe it’s just because I am getting old and my…Continue readingHalloween 2015

Bat Face

Anna Zeman, designer extraordinaire, came up with this idea. I hated it at first, but it is somehow growing on me. Bat Face This is the face you make when you are talking to someone and they say something that is either stupid, offensive or ridiculous. You don’t want to fight with them, so you…Continue readingBat Face

Goldilocks Scope

Everything has an amount that is “just right”. It’s often called the Goldilocks principle. Example: These planets either have too much greenhouse effect or too little to be able to sustain life as we know it. The differences between the three planets have been termed the “Goldilocks Principle” (Venus is too hot, Mars is too…Continue readingGoldilocks Scope


I’ve officially switched my allegiance from IconExperience to Icons8. IconExperience They did a great job for many years of having a comprehensive iconset in a wonderful system where you could find what you wanted. However, after the V collection, the next bunch of sets were pretty low quality. The O-collection is too chunky and ugly,…Continue readingIcons8

PM / UX as Peer Groups

In many organizations, the product managers (PM) are the ones who define the “solution” for their project. They create wireframes and detailed UI requirements. They basically put the product designers (UX) into the role of “make it look pretty”. UI Graphic design is important, but it is not User Experience Design. What is User Experience…Continue readingPM / UX as Peer Groups

Feeding or Slaying the Dragon

I’ve heard the expression from executives, “Let’s slay this dragon once and for all.” What they mean is “We have had complaints from customers on [topic x]. Let’s do a project that makes all of those complaints go away. The dragon in this metaphor is the complaints that customers have. I think this is the…Continue readingFeeding or Slaying the Dragon

The UX of ERP vs Loose Platform

As a designer, I have always appreciated tight integrations. The fact that I can copy a bunch of cells in Excel and paste them into PowerPoint is just awesome. When designing Marketo, I thought of the solution as one small city. There was the neighborhood of making landing pages and the adjacent neighborhood of forms,…Continue readingThe UX of ERP vs Loose Platform

If it ain’t broke…

Sometimes, you need to reinvent something. I’ve done it several times in my career and have successful.  However sometimes, you just gotta leave it alone.  Microsoft just released a new product called Sway. (I’ll review it later maybe). Anyway, they felt the need to reinvent this. Bold is no longer B. It’s E. E for…Continue readingIf it ain’t broke…

Cheating the Customer

I try to buy nice shirts from designers like Zachary Prell, sometimes Canali. I used to be a Men’s Wearhouse sort of guy, but once I tried on a shirt that fit me well, I couldn’t turn back. These shirts generally can not be washed in the washer/drier at home. They usually need to be…Continue readingCheating the Customer

PowerPoint Design Memes

I know that many designers love their Sketch. It’s a good tool and is making Adobe scramble. However, when it comes to UX for enterprise applications, I still believe storyboards are the way to go. Invision is a great tool, but I still think storyboards are better than clickable prototypes. The best tool for Storyboards?…Continue readingPowerPoint Design Memes