Bernie Sanders is Larry David

I was watching some clips of the debate and Bernie Sander’s voice kept poking me in the brain. It sounded exactly like someone else. As if Bernie was doing an impression. Then it hit me. He was doing an impression of Larry David.  Check out these two clips. The first is Larry David on 60…Continue readingBernie Sanders is Larry David

Tailoring the Position to the Person

Once I had a job as a project manager. I was terrible at it and eventually was fired. The job was designed for someone with alot of process in mind. This is clearly not me. Remember my personality results? For a project manager, you want high EXAMINE. Obviously, mine is not suited for that job.…Continue readingTailoring the Position to the Person

Winning the Internet: Vitamin D Edition

Someone just told me they were Vitamin D deficient. I immediately Googled “How to get vitamin D”. (This is what I do, don’t ask.) What is shocking to me was the first link.  It’s the Vitamin D Council. There is a whole non-profit, a council dedicated to Vitamin D. You get Vitamin D from sunlight…Continue readingWinning the Internet: Vitamin D Edition

About Face 4

About Face 4 by Alan Cooper has just been released. I first read the initial version and it was a revelation to me. Although Cooper’s ego saturates much of the text, the technique and craft of interaction was undeniably accurate. My own design style is heavily influenced by this book, as well as his other…Continue readingAbout Face 4


It’s a great word, rolls off the tongue. ser·en·dip·i·ty ˌserənˈdipədē noun: serendipity; plural noun: serendipities the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way. If it happens to you, you might call it Karma, Good Luck or even Life Favors the Prepared. When it happens to someone else you might…Continue readingSerendipity

Science Joke

There is a joke I tell sometimes. An engineer that I know turned it into a t-shirt. It reads alot better in English, but he added standard scientific notation anyway. Now it requires a bunch of work to understand it. I won’t give it away. Try to get the joke. Your momma is so μ…Continue readingScience Joke

Great Copy Writing Example

I get alot of spam, but this one really caught my attention. It has great copy writing and is funny. I don’t want the product, but I figured I should share it anyway just for good technique. The tip here is avoid being too “professional”. Be creative and unique. Here is the email copy: Glen,…Continue readingGreat Copy Writing Example