Meaning in Work

I’m reading a biography on Jim Henson. He loved his work and described how work is a crucial part of our lives. Accomplishing something is a more fulfilling feeling than the money you earn for … Continue reading Meaning in Work

Who I Follow and Connect

Twitter and LinkedIn have very different algorithms for me. Who I follow on Twitter Hardly anyone. The stream gets to be too much for me. I can’t follow it. So I end up following just … Continue reading Who I Follow and Connect

Information Architecture FTW

I crushed it today. Yes, I’m not humble about this. No apologies. Let me rewind. I’ve been working on the information architecture for the Engagio application over the past couple of weeks. This means that … Continue reading Information Architecture FTW

My Designer Software Kit

It’s fun to set up a new computer. I have the new Dell XPS 13 running Windows 10 (insider fast track). The resolution is a ridiculous 3200×1800. If a program doesn’t have proper scaling it … Continue reading My Designer Software Kit

Slack: Life without Email

I often told people that Eloqua had more functionality than Marketo. I also said it didn’t matter. Marketo beat Eloqua for a different reason. It wasn’t what you could do, but HOW you could do … Continue reading Slack: Life without Email

New Adventure: Engagio

I had alot of choices of what to do next. I could have managed a large team of designers in New York, Boston, Washington DC or San Francisco. I could have pursued possibilities¬†at large (yet … Continue reading New Adventure: Engagio

Farewell Marketo

This is the second time that I am blogging that I am leaving Marketo. I joined the company, as the first non-founding employee, in 2007. Then, in 2009 I left to try a different company … Continue reading Farewell Marketo