Confidence makes the world go round

I’ve been listening to Freakonomics Radio and Planet Money on my car ride to work. Economics is a fascinating subject. It has just as much to do with human psychology as UX Design. One segment was … Continue reading Confidence makes the world go round

The Story Behind Two Marketo Icons

Choosing Icons is sometimes tricky business. I chose all of the icons in Marketo since 2007.  Here are a couple of stories that help explain. Marketo Icon Glossary The Smart Campaign Light Bulb The most … Continue reading The Story Behind Two Marketo Icons

Talking to Users

I just spent some time talking to a user about a design I made. I walked her through it and we started talking about the possibilities. The worst version of this exercise is when the user … Continue reading Talking to Users

Working “As Designed”

I just updated my LinkedIn App. Previously, I had complained that it didn’t work in landscape mode. They “fixed” that. So now, if I rotate, this is what I get. Do you see what they … Continue reading Working “As Designed”

Designing Middle Out

I believe that you shouldn’t design in the chronological order the user will use the product. In other words, you don’t need to design the login screen first. You can pick a point in the … Continue reading Designing Middle Out

Craigslist is a Great UX Case Study

A colleague once asked me why Craigslist had become so successful with such bad design. Craigslist is a complicated company without a ton of information online. It doesn’t employee many people and has made a good … Continue reading Craigslist is a Great UX Case Study

Something from Nothing

Yesterday, I was staring at my screen trying to figure out how a user would create and manage the object I conceived. I wasn’t even staring at a blank canvas. I was staring at a … Continue reading Something from Nothing

Timeless or Noteworthy

When designing something new, you have to choose what it looks like and how it acts. One designer said to me, “It should be timeless and classic.” I disagreed. If you are designing something new, … Continue reading Timeless or Noteworthy

Account Based Marketing

For the better part of the last ten years, I have seen the world through the eyes of a demand generation marketer. Starting with Kelly Abner and working through thousands of others, my point of … Continue reading Account Based Marketing

Open Letter to LinkedIn

Dear Mr./Mrs LinkedIn, You have the most potential and most fuckups of any site on the web. I love you and I hate you. The Good You are THE defacto social network for professionals. There … Continue reading Open Letter to LinkedIn