DirecTV-Ready TVs are Slow

Typing lefty… For the holidays, I upgraded my TV to a fancy 4k Sony Bravia with Android TV. It was billed as DirecTV-ready. No box needed, fewer wires. I would go into detail, but typing … Continue reading DirecTV-Ready TVs are Slow

Right hand needed for two weeks

The doctor said not to use my right hand at all for two weeks. This gave me an idea. This is a long shot but I figured I would ask. Is there a junior designer … Continue reading Right hand needed for two weeks

Wrist surgery

I am dictating this blog post using Google on my phone. We see how it works. I just got back from having my wrist surgery to solve the pain I’ve been having for the last … Continue reading Wrist surgery

The UX Pie of Caring

I just realized that I┬áreally don’t have a blog post about this design principle. It is not specific to the design, but rather to the process of designing within a company. In the real world, … Continue reading The UX Pie of Caring

Succession Plans

A few years before I left Marketo, I started thinking about my succession plan. I knew that I might leave one day, so it was important to me that I leave the organization in good … Continue reading Succession Plans

The $200 Laptop (Jan 2016)

When I design, I get user feedback with a technique I call┬áBeta Fish. I make designs and then show them to prospective customers. They give me feedback and help me understand the nuances of the … Continue reading The $200 Laptop (Jan 2016)

The Roads Taken (and not)

In every design, you make choices that take you down a road. Sometimes those road leads to peril, other times to victory, usually both. There is no way to know what destiny existed in the … Continue reading The Roads Taken (and not)

Proposed Outline for High School Music Class

This is a rough outline of what a great music program would look like (to me). First some equipment required: Macbook Pro laptops Adapter to plug in instruments Microphones Electric guitars Bass guitars Accoustic Guitars … Continue reading Proposed Outline for High School Music Class

High schools teach music incorrectly

Go into any high school and look at the Art and Music classes. In all of the art classes, they ask you to make original art. They ask you to paint, draw, sculpt and teach … Continue reading High schools teach music incorrectly

Different Kinds of HR

HR departments are supposed to do a bunch of good things. However, I think they don’t quite work out that way most of the time. Which kind of HR do you have? The “Avoid Lawsuit” … Continue reading Different Kinds of HR