Kids Frozen in Time

No matter how long I live, no matter how big they get, my kids will always look like this to me: It was taken in 2009 during our infamous Tahoo trip. It’s funny how kids … Continue reading Kids Frozen in Time

A Few Rules for a Good Resume

I’ve been helping my sister with her resume. Here are a few good rules of thumb: Make it look nice visually Before anyone reads it, they look at it. The first impression happens in less than … Continue reading A Few Rules for a Good Resume

My Nightmare Wrist Timeline

My wrist adventure has just been a nightmare. I want to chronicle it so far. Date Doctor Prognosis Sep 2014 Me I hit a tennis shot funny and my wrist hurt. I said, “Ow!” – … Continue reading My Nightmare Wrist Timeline

Direct vs Indirect Manipulation

Both are needed. However, direct manipulation should be used way more than it currently is. Whenever I look at UI Designs from other designers, I am struck by the plethora of indirect manipulation cases. Here … Continue reading Direct vs Indirect Manipulation

Blog Post Pivot

Sometimes I’ll write a whole post and throw it away. The post made more sense when I started than when I finished. It happens in startups as well. The company starts off in one direction and … Continue reading Blog Post Pivot

Never use the word Cancel in your UI

I like Calendly alot. However, some parts of their UI are not very good. They bury functionality in strange places and use a few anti-patterns. Plus, it’s a little bit ugly. One thing however, is … Continue reading Never use the word Cancel in your UI

Android N Beta Testing

I am addicted to beta testing. I saw an article about Google allowing Android N beta testing to anyone who wanted it. It warned that there are tons of bugs and that you should never … Continue reading Android N Beta Testing is down

I don’t think I have ever seen this. I heard a story about Amazon building something called a Gremlin which would randomly take down a particular service in the Amazon stack. This would force the … Continue reading is down

Flat Animated Liquid Style

One thing I am really obsessed with right now is the use of animation in an enterprise SaaS product. I think, done well, it can dramatically enhance the experience. Some places it can be used: … Continue reading Flat Animated Liquid Style

Product-Market Fit – a metaphor

I imagine myself holding a basketball while in a space suit orbiting the earth. I’m floating in some particular direction. Off to the right is the hoop, traveling in a completely different direction. Our paths … Continue reading Product-Market Fit – a metaphor