My Design Process

I’ll try my best to be concise. Step 1. Receive commandment from God Or your CEO or your PM or boss, whatever. They will say something like, “We need _____” Fill in the blank with any … Continue reading My Design Process


There is a phrase called Wanderlust. wan·der·lust ˈwändərˌləst noun: a strong desire to travel. There should be something called Ponderlust. pon·der·lust ˈpondərˌləst noun: a strong desire to contemplate. I know many people who have this symptom. When … Continue reading Ponderlust


Fear. Uncertainty. Doubt. FUD is responsible for millions of deferred decisions each day. It stops us from embracing reality, moving forward and dealing with our circumstances. FUD doesn’t make you conservative or liberal. It makes you … Continue reading FUD

Paying Attention

Before they can pay money, they have to pay attention. Make no mistake, it’s a real currency. Every waking moment is accounted for. Whether it is social media or a smartphone game or even staring … Continue reading Paying Attention

Engagio closed $22M Series B

Original Haiku Post I am currently Head of Magic (PM/UX) at Engagio. The experience so far has been excellent. The culture is authentic and vibrant. The product vision is very strong and the market dynamics couldn’t … Continue reading Engagio closed $22M Series B

The Decline of Facts

I’m not looking forward to the presidential debates. The reason is that facts will not be part of the discussion. Imagine this fictitious argument: Fact Person: “The world is spherical.” Feelings Person: “I feel that … Continue reading The Decline of Facts