All Politics is Local

A phrase closely linked to Tip O’Neill, which has been on my mind lately. Specifically, I was thinking about how companies make decisions. When you gather a diverse set of people in a room to make a decision, people usually try to lobby for the decision that is best for their locality.

Let’s imagine the decision was about what to put in the next release of a product. The sales people would optimize for features that help sales. Support wants features that help support. Engineers want to pay down technical debt. UX wants to work on the interaction design.

Each constituency thinks about their own department and negotiation begins. Often an executive will play the tie-breaker. This patterns plays itself out in small groups all the way up to the executive staff.

The problem with this approach is that it is fundamentally based in selfishness without the perspective of the good of the whole. Each person just looks at their own point of view and doesn’t care about the “right” decision. Of course, not every person thinks this way. However, many, many, many people do.

This is why Climate Change has had difficulty getting the proper focus. This is why insuring the poor isn’t popular with the “not poor”. This is why products often get the wrong investments. This is also why people are often miserable in the decision-making process of the product.

Policy should be global. Each person should think about their locality and then think about the global situation. When coming together, they should represent the whole organization and not just their own myopic point of view. People should have empathy and think logically about what makes sense based on the evidence we have at the time.

We all make mistakes based on poor data, poor assumptions, and poor choices. I just wish we would diminish the mistakes we make based on selfishness. I know I am fighting the tide here, my wish is not likely to be granted.

If I can convince one person to go to their staff meeting and think about the decision from the company point of view, not just their department, I would feel like it was a victory.  Are you that person?

Cutting the Cord Part 4

Ok, cutting the cord isn’t going to work for me.

So let’s recap:

  1. Had DirecTV with Comcast Internet
  2. Switched to no DirecTV and just Android TV streaming (Netflix, Amazon Prime)
  3. Added Amazon FireTV
  4. Added Hulu at various levels (including the new beta)
  5. Added YouTubeTV
  6. Switched from Comcast to Wave
  7. Added Tivo Bolt with Wave cable (normal channels + HBO)
  8. Getting rid of Hulu and YouTubeTV and Amazon FireTV

Numbers 7 and 8 are new. Funny enough, we had Tivo almost 20 years ago. The sound file they use for the error indicator is exactly the same.  The interface has changed, alot, but some things are still the same.

Why Tivo?
Once I realized that streaming everything had a problem. Most channels require you to have a cable service offering the channel for you to see it. So I had to choose. a cable TV provider. Since I already switched from Comcast to Wave, I decided to go with Wave’s offering. They have their own box, but offered the option of a Tivo.  I did some research on Tivo and was intrigued by the new Bolt which was reviewed in C|Net. This is basically like choosing an oeprating system, except there are more options than Windows/Mac/Linux.  Choices are:

  1. Android TV
  2. Amazon Fire
  3. Tivo
  4. Sling
  5. Roku
  6. Apple TV
  7. Other?

Wow, there are alot of choices. So I went with the Tivo. I didn’t realize this but Tivo charges $15 a month on top of the cable provider. This was ALMOST a deal breaker for me. However, I was so frustrated by the different options that I was too worn down to protest.

I purchased the device from BestBuy because I wanted the option of returning it if I hated it. They only had a 500gig version. I ended up liking it, but I think I should get the 1tb version instead, so I am going to swap them out. I also added a Tivo Mini so our other TV can show the same shows.

In some ways, I feel like I have come full circle. Instead of DirecTV and Comcast, I have Tivo and Wave. I feel generally good about that because I think DirecTV and Comcast have become too big and I want to vote with my wallet. I think competition is good for innovation.

The only problem now is that my Eero wifi (mesh network) has been acting screwy and I can’t tell if it’s the Eero having issues or the Wave internet.  I could have left it all alone, I suppose, but what is the fun in that??


Design Influences

Every major product I have designed has had specific influences. Some examples:

In 2007, when I was thinking about the Marketo UI I rewatched Minority Report (2002). The UI where Tom Cruise waved his arms in the air was the inspiration for how Smart Lists would drag items from the right to the left. Additionally, IBM Rational Rose, had this filtering system that I liberally paid homage to in the way filters worked.

I was introduced to a tool called Lever, which is a recruiting tool. It inspired me to think deeper about Chrome extensions and how they can be a normal part of the user interface. They did a nice job with their extension.

Current Design
I am working on a project now that has strong influences from Slack, who clearly is killing it right now. Additionally, I utilized ideas from Atlassian Confluence. Graphically, I feel myself drawn to the interfaces presented in my current favorite show, Black Mirror. The style they have adopted is quite beautiful. It has a digital paper feel to it.

Sometimes it’s almost a wireframe
Usually monochromatic
Simple, unadorned
Heavy use of icons

When I am influenced by a design, it doesn’t mean it’s a direct copy. It’s inspiration. All good ideas are the combination of other unrelated ideas. The way two people merge to form a baby, two ideas merge to form a new idea.

How much does influence play a part in your work? Maybe it should a bit more?

Cutting the Cord Part 3

My journey has taken a negative turn. My youngest son wanted to watch Adam Ruins Everything, which is a fun show on the TruTV network. The problem is that TruTV is not on Hulu or YouTubeTV.

Sidenote: Google Branding is Broken
For your understanding:

  • YouTube is everyone’s videos uploaded
  • YouTube Red just removes the ads from YouTube
  • YouTubeTV is a Hulu/Sling/Cable competitor and is unrelated to YouTube
  • Android TV is a competitor for Amazon FireTV/Stick or Apple TV and is unrelated to your Android phone

Google has a branding problem on their hands. They have too many products that have names that overlap with unrelated products. It’s confusing me and I know which is which. My suggestion is to come up with names that are NOT overlapping. There is still the possibility of Google TV, but maybe they are hedging their brand bets. A safer option is to choose an abstract name. Android was a great name for the phone. Do the same for TV.  Foobar TV or whatever.

OK, back to the cord cutting.

I tried DirecTVNow. It’s AT&T’s attempt at a Hulu competitor. It has many channels at a reasonable price. Unfortunately, the service and the app are TERRIBLE. First, it doesn’t exist for Android TV (which is the OS of my main television). Secondly, it crashed several times in a thirty minute viewing AND it paused every 10 minutes for at least 30 seconds. I canceled my 7-day trial within 2 hours.

This led me to check the internet connection. I have switched from Comcast to Wave Communications.  I splurged and bought the gigbait speed. Unfortunately, gigbit doesn’t reflect reality. If I plug a laptop directly into the router, I can get 800 mbit download speeds. If I plug our Eero mesh network into the router, it reports 500 mbits. If I connect to the WiFi directly to the 5ghtz Wave router, I can get 200 mbits down. If I connect to the Eero Wifi, I am down to 150 mbits. I plugged the TV into the Wave router directly to maximize speed, but it seems there is no way for me to reap the rewards of gigabit speeds. I plan to downgrade to 500 mbits immediately.

Also, I have to go to their office because apparently, they reversed my last and first name when I ordered the service.

Wave has a cable service, with the channels I need, but their streaming service is not well reviewed. My kids are confused about which method would yield which shows. To be honest, I can’t keep it straight myself.

What do I do?
Well, I could reactivate DirecTV and eliminate all of the premium channels. I would then get rid of YouTubeTV since I could get those shows via Hulu or other method. I would keep HBO on DirecTV or Hulu only.

Alternatively, I could keep trying and experimenting. It’s fun to try these new services, but I am losing patience. We will see.  I am taking it one day at a time.


2018 Wishes and Predictions


Easy prediction: Trump will tweet stupid shit all year. The Russia investigation will lead to more drama and possibly impeachment along with sketchy pardons. My main prediction is that Democrats will gain one of the houses of congress. This will yield gridlock until 2020 (a good thing) when Joe Biden is elected president.

Wish: I wish there were fewer stories in the news. I can’t take it. It’s just too much. Also, I wish that the liberals on the Supreme Court stay alive. Hang in there for 2 more years people.


I don’t care about the NFL anymore, so I will just forget all my predictions for the Jets. Roger Federer will win another Grand Slam winning an even 20. This will be his last one. Which slam? I’ll go with Wimbledon. In the NBA, Katie wants the Warriors to win the championship, so sure, why not?

Wish: I want to personally stay healthy so I can play tennis all year.


Is this the rebirth year of the tablet?  Apple is releasing a Microsoft Surface competitor. Basically, it is a tablet running a full OS. Hard to pull off. Microsoft’s surface is not a smooth experience. My prediction: Good progress, but it won’t become a solid meme.

Wish: A big leap forward in battery tech. The whole world will improve with a big step forward on batteries.


More consolidation. Comcast, Disney, DirecTV. Netflix, Roku, SlingTV, Microsoft and Amazon. I expect mega mergers. I just heard this morning that Amazon is going to buy Target. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit.

Wish: I wish for UI consolidation. I am sick of all of the different apps working differently. I want to fast forward past the commercials in the same way every time.


Predictions are self-fulfilling here, aren’t they?

Wish: I want to work with people who get me. Don’t we all?


My kid will get into Stanford!  OK, maybe that one is a wish.

Wish: Everyone who reads this sentence will have a productive, fulfilling, and wonderful 2018.

Cutting the Cord Part 2

I did not realize it, but I actually have a choice on internet access. I just assumed that Comcast had a monopoly on my house. I have been waiting patiently for fiber, but it has not been available. Luckily, Grant commented about Wave Communications who provides internet access for a very reasonable price. Here is my current monthly breakdown:

Item Monthly Notes
Wave Internet $90 I splurged for gigabit speeds
Netflix $14
Amazon Video $10
Hulu $12 No Commercials
HBO for Hulu $15
YouTube TV $35 Comes with Tennis Channel and Warriors Games
Internet Total $90
Content Total $72

The main difference is the elimination of DirecTV ($150/mo) and adding YouTube. Major savings.

When I had Wave installed, I changed where the main point of entry in the house. Now, speed tests show much faster rates, especially for the primary television.

The Good
The faster internet access is helping across the board. Things load up faster and get into high def faster. I also feel good about paying less to vertical integration players like Comast and DirecTV/AT&T. I prefer to support smaller competitors.

The Bad
Hulu is very annoying that it works differently on FireTV vs Android TV.  Also, I haven’t really figured out which remote control to use. I bought one with a keyboard, but I can’t get it to work in every system consistently.

The Ugly
Its extremely hard to remember which show is on which service. There is no good grouping system. I just want to search for a show and the system just takes me to the right place. I think this is an opportunity for Amazon FireTV or Google. They need to let me declare “show defaults”. Like if I search for “Rick and Morty”, use Hulu or if I say “Play Tennis Channel”, I mean on YouTubeTV. Plus don’t get me started on the UI of each system. They are all different. Fast forwarding is the most common case and each one is different. Ugh.

Anyway, the cord cutting is starting to settle in. Still a ways to go, but its improving.