Hello PowerPoint, My Old Friend

Figma had been doing a decent job of letting me specify the product I am working on. However, there were some pretty serious gaps. Performance was a constant problem. First time load: 20 seconds. Freezing … Continue reading Hello PowerPoint, My Old Friend

Nothing we can do

I passed a guy on the sidewalk talking to his friend. He said, “I know it sucks…but there is nothing we can do.” I have not idea what he was talking about, but those words … Continue reading Nothing we can do

LinkedIn Connection Algorithm

Do I personally know you? Accept. Did we meet within the last 7 days? Accept, I guess. Was it longer than 7 days? Dude, come on. Fine. Jesus. Accept. Are you famous? I make that … Continue reading LinkedIn Connection Algorithm

Cutting the Cord – Conspiracy Theory

After going through the long process of cutting the cord, I realized the term is wrong. Here is my general logic. It’s kind of a long proof, so bear with me. Most television and video … Continue reading Cutting the Cord – Conspiracy Theory

All Politics is Local

A phrase closely linked to┬áTip O’Neill, which has been on my mind lately. Specifically, I was thinking about how companies make decisions. When you gather a diverse set of people in a room to make … Continue reading All Politics is Local

Cutting the Cord Part 4

Ok, cutting the cord isn’t going to work for me. So let’s recap: Had DirecTV with Comcast Internet Switched to no DirecTV and just Android TV streaming (Netflix, Amazon Prime) Added Amazon FireTV Added Hulu … Continue reading Cutting the Cord Part 4

Design Influences

Every major product I have designed has had specific influences. Some examples: Marketo In 2007, when I was thinking about the Marketo UI I rewatched Minority Report (2002). The UI where Tom Cruise waved his … Continue reading Design Influences

Cutting the Cord Part 3

My journey has taken a negative turn. My youngest son wanted to watch Adam Ruins Everything, which is a fun show on the TruTV network. The problem is that TruTV is not on Hulu or … Continue reading Cutting the Cord Part 3

2018 Wishes and Predictions

Politics Easy prediction: Trump will tweet stupid shit all year. The Russia investigation will lead to more drama and possibly impeachment along with sketchy pardons. My main prediction is that Democrats will gain one of … Continue reading 2018 Wishes and Predictions

Cutting the Cord Part 2

I did not realize it, but I actually have a choice on internet access. I just assumed that Comcast had a monopoly on my house. I have been waiting patiently for fiber, but it has … Continue reading Cutting the Cord Part 2