Looking Forward

For the last half-year I was working with a stealth startup. Unfortunately, it did not work out as hoped. It’s an interesting space, but team dynamics is always a crucial factor. In this case, the … Continue reading Looking Forward

My First Blue Apron Meal

We are trying Blue Apron. It’s a service that sends you fresh ingredients and the instructions on how to cook it. We are trying the once a week plan. The first problem was that Blue … Continue reading My First Blue Apron Meal

We Are All Capuchin Monkeys

Short 1 min video showing how fairness is baked deep into our psyche. Notice the monkey getting the grape. He seems happy. It doesn’t seem unfair to THAT monkey. It’s the monkey who gets the … Continue reading We Are All Capuchin Monkeys

Idea for Black Mirror Story

Its 4am. I woke up from a dream. It was an idea for a story. Here is it. Title: Auto Opening scene, close up of an eyeball with the reflection of a screen in the … Continue reading Idea for Black Mirror Story

Talent Marketing

I was just talking with a friend who is in marketing. They are trying to hire someone and we were brainstorming different marketing techniques to land the candidate. We noticed a pattern. Recruiting is exactly … Continue reading Talent Marketing

Deleted Post

Sometimes I wrote a whole post and then delete it. This is one of those. It was about gratuitous violence in mainstream movies and TV shows like Altered Carbon and the hypocrisy of Hollywood liberals … Continue reading Deleted Post

Product Specification Phases

TL;DR Product specification has a point of diminishing returns. Like most things in life, a nice chart makes it easier to understand. Time flows from left to right. The green line is how complete a … Continue reading Product Specification Phases

Basic Civility

Kindness. Empathy. Civility. I feel like the world is moving in the wrong direction on this. Maybe it’s the anonymity of the internet where you can say vile things to people on Twitter and feel … Continue reading Basic Civility