Poor Designer Case Studies

I’m reviewing many design portfolios these days. For those of you who don’t know; when a designer works, they sometimes keep track of a whole project from start to finish. They put it on their … Continue reading Poor Designer Case Studies

Advice for Hiring Managers

I’ve given advice to candidates, but this advice is for myself and other hiring managers. One key reality is that candidates often have multiple offers and you need to create a great experience for them. … Continue reading Advice for Hiring Managers

The UX of CanuMeet and Google Appointment Slots

Use Case: You are a hiring manager or recruiter and you want to set up lots of screening calls with lots of candidates. You could email them back and forth, but that is error prone. … Continue reading The UX of CanuMeet and Google Appointment Slots

ToldYouSo Use Cases

The more I work on my mobile app idea ToldYouSo, the harder it becomes. It’s like I am trying to figure out how people who disagree can resolve their differences. It’s daunting. I think it … Continue reading ToldYouSo Use Cases