June Democratic Debates Night 2

Woof! That was a different night indeed. The first night was pretty boring by comparison. The big moments belonged to Kamala Harris (“That little girl was me.” and “People don’t want a food fight, they want food on the table.”) and Mayor Pete (“I couldn’t get it done.”) Truthfully, I wouldn’t mind supporting a Pete-Kamala…Continue readingJune Democratic Debates Night 2

June Democratic Debates Night 1

This is just a stream of thoughts and ideas from the debate. For the women candidates There was a moment when Tulsi Gabbard corrected Tim Ryan about 9/11. He looked like an asshole during the exchange, but I would have loved to have seen Tulsi say the following. A quick message to the men on…Continue readingJune Democratic Debates Night 1

5 Good, 5 Bad, 5 Wished

Things I am good at Designing software applications, especially B2B SaaS products. Creative thinking Metaphors and wordplay Mentoring (Hard to confirm this – but I think the evidence is good) Writing (and maybe blogging) Things I am bad at Directions – I get lost in my driveway Singing Math Making and maintaining friendships Being normal…Continue reading5 Good, 5 Bad, 5 Wished

Presidential Campaign Website UX Reviews

Let’s do a quick lightning round and some observations at the end. Joe Biden Big picture of Joe and Give me money! Hmm, interesting. Scroll UP from the home page. It’s a bug. A BUG! Come on Joe! How can we trust you with the nation’s highest office if you can’t even get your website…Continue readingPresidential Campaign Website UX Reviews

Risky Moments in US History

I’ve been thinking recently that our democracy has been showing signs of wear and tear. It’s easy to think, “Oh everything is going to be OK” or “OMG! We are going to turn into Mad Max!” Historically, there are plenty of examples of democracies which have fallen into dictatorship. Usually, people didn’t see it coming…Continue readingRisky Moments in US History

Tokyo Trip 2019

I just finished my first trip to Tokyo, Japan. Anyone who knows me can tell you that I am a terrible traveller. I have a rotten sense of direction and hate planes. Plus, I am a creature of routine. Traveling is the exact opposite of routine for me. With that said, I had a wonderful…Continue readingTokyo Trip 2019