Clean and Modern

Internally, I have a bullshitometer. It’s a technical device that detects bullshit. It looks like this: One of the things that pushes this finely tuned device to the extreme right are when designers say the words “Clean and Modern”. This is just a stupid Jedi mind trick. It’s a way of a designer saying “It’s…Continue readingClean and Modern

Inspiring Design: Google Doc

A designer asked me the other day what application design I thought was great and I happened to be working on a Google Doc. I thought it was a terrific design in many ways. Just as an aside, Google Slides is one of my LEAST favorite Google applications. It’s awful and everytime I use it,…Continue readingInspiring Design: Google Doc

The Default Design

I give a design exercise to candidates to bring in for their onsite interview. The point of a design exercise is shed light on the following: Are they masters of their tool? Are they productive? Are they creative? Are they logical? Are they detail-oriented? One thing I advise candidates to avoid is the “Default Design”.…Continue readingThe Default Design

Passion for Your Craft

My mother-in-law, Penny, is a retired nurse. After retiring, she took up weaving. For those of you who don’t know, weaving takes up alot of space. There are baskets of wool everywhere. The loom itself is enormous. Penny’s loom is roughly as big as this one. She used to have a dining room, now she…Continue readingPassion for Your Craft