A game of inches

In sports, you either win or lose or tie.  And when it comes to final championships there are no ties.  If you win in Basketball 110-109, you get the win and they get the lose. In football, if you are within 1 inch of the end-zone, that means you are NOT in the end zone.  To sum it up: Close is only for horseshoes and hand-grenades.

In politics it is the same way, if you win a national election by a single electoral vote, then you get to be president for the whole time.  There are no ties.  There is no rule that says each candidate gets to spend some time in office depending on the amount of votes they get.  In politics a win is a win.

However, the talking heads (pundits) should know the difference between the winner and the “will of the people”.  If 49.9% of the vote says YES and 50.1% say NO, that is not a clear message of “the will of the people”.  If anything the people are saying that they are mixed on the subject.  Why do idiots on TV insist that a slim victory is equal to complete landslide.

The Election yesterday wasn’t a clear signal from Americans at all.  It was a completely convoluted mixed signal at best.  Look at what the congress looks like now.

Looks pretty close to a tie. People love the underdog and they love instant gratification.  In that environment, the people will vote all over the place and generally give mixed signals over and over.  We love you!  We hate you!  Half of us changed our minds!  Which half?!

Life doesn’t have a win or lose.  You just get to keep playing.  Politics and sports is a game of inches, but life is a game of miles.  How far will you go in your life?  What will you leave behind?  What are you looking forward to?  These questions are more important than what I will find on the ballot box.

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