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A good laugh at Tom Cruise

Ok, if this doesn’t make you laugh, something is wrong with you.

First watch Tom Cruise on Oprah. I didn’t laugh at this, I was in disbelief.
Then watch Tom Kill Oprah. I laughed. It’s funny, come on!
Then watch a guy making fun of Tom Cruise for jumping on Oprah. I chuckled.
Then watch A funny cartoon about Scientology.

Apparently Tom Cruise is not amused.

And finally watch Stephen Colbert giving Tom his point of view. Even Katie laughed at this.

Tom Cruise is amusing.

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous

    Hey Man,

    Why don’t you ever give me credit for your funny posts?



  2. Credit to Steve Lam for pointing out this funny post content. Steve (a.k.a. Slam) is a very funny man. Very funny. Credit be to him.


  3. Thanks Tom Cruise for all the great entertainment. You do a amazing job and I think you are great

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