Achieving / Over-Achieving

Achieving Over-Achieving
1. Coming in on time Coming in early
2. Leaving on time Staying late
3. Doing what you were asked to do Doing what you were asked to do AND something you weren’t asked to do, but needed doing
4. Personally doing well Helping other people do well
5. Following the leader Being the leader
6. Getting it good enough the first time around  Iterating to take it to the next level
7. Getting along with colleagues  Inspiring colleagues
8. Reporting problems that need solving  Reporting problems you solved
9. Helping out a friend  Helping out an enemy, and turning them into a friend
10. Doing your job well Changing the world

In a political environment, often over-achieving doesn’t matter.  Boxer from Animal Farm worked his ass off and got turned into glue. However, in a meritocracy, over-achieving will get you raises and promotions, friends and all your dreams come true.  I know many companies/schools/groups aren’t like this.

However, I love the phrase, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” (Not a Ghandi quote by the way)  I want to live in a meritocracy.  I want the best ideas to win and the people who work hard to succeed.  So I suspend my disbelief and I try to over-achieve.  I try to reward people who do the same.

Are you achieving?  or over-achieving?


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