Ajax Experience 2007

I am working now on my Ajax Experience 2007 presentation.  Title: jQuery for Designers.

You can see my bio and presentation abstract on their site:

The presentationis moving along, although I definetely feel nervous.  I haven’t spoken to an audience in a long, long time.  I feel passion for the subject, but it’s been a while.  My presentation skills are rusty.  Even practicing with myself and Powerpoint I find myself saying Ummmmm way too much.

The subject matter is the same as the book, however, I am unsure which one will be easier.  I work best with a team that I can bounce ideas off of.  A good portion of the book and presentation is about my time at Intuit with Florence and Sean.  I want to capture the energy and excitement that we felt when using jQuery to design a better experience.

On a positive note to Microsoft (since I just poo-poo’d their Windows 2008 plans), I love PowerPoint 2007.  This thing kicks ass.  So much flexibility.  Really works well with a design sensibility.  Making text reflections or rounded corners or drop shadows are a piece of cake.  For Marketo, I admit I used PowerPoint as my inspiration for the ultimate landing page editor.  (You gotta use the product to see what I mean).  Bravo PowerPoint team.

Whatya think?