AjaxExperience Presentation

I think it went well.  I had nice reviews from people afterward.  So far, the conference has been fun and informative.  I have met lots of new and exciting people.  I love being around such brain power.  It’s inspiring and exhausting.  Somehow though, I feel like last years was more edgy and exciting.  Some passion has leaked out of the tank a bit.

Here is my presentation, although I don’t think it will do that much good without the speaking bits.  AdobeTV is supposed to be hosting the speech with video.  I will post a link as soon as I have it.

Some book resources from the presentation are:

I love speaking to groups.  I feel so excited and energized.  Butterflies before.  Exhaustion after.  But great during.  This was a good crowd, although not too many questions.

Whatya think?