An idea for Project Management software

There is no such thing as SaaS management software. There are bug trackers like Jira and Bugzilla.  There is Agile project management software like TargetProcess or FogBugz.  There is Microsoft Project.  But there isn’t something I look at and say, “That would work to manage the never-ending work a SaaS startup goes through.”  At least, I haven’t seen it.

So I woke up at 5am with an idea. (I hate when I do this)  I felt compelled to get up and go to the computer and start drawing it out.  Repeat: I wish I were sleeping.

I got alot of the idea out on powerpoint, but I sort of ran out of steam.  The idea is to have a backlog for each micro-team.  In other words, one backlog for the whole company is too big to manage.  And besides I hate that Agile assumed that all developers are interchangeable.  They aren’t!  Sometimes people specialize in front end or back.  Sometimes people are given a segement of the product to focus on, like the API or database.

Additionally, there are some tasks like “produce detailed requirements” which are dependencies for getting the work done.  Agile software out there doesn’t manage dependencies well.

None of the software I have seen allows for a developer to have his own backlog.  I have been frustrated with the tools available.  Wow, I just got really tired. 🙂

Anyway, I uploaded the UX to slideshare.  It’s not nearly done, but see if you can get the idea.  I think it has enormous potential, but it needs to be developed.  And of course, no one is going to build it.  Still, ideas must be released.

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