Apple is in the news alot this week.  And almost all of it really burns by biscuit.

They redesigned their website. They are using Prototype and Scriptaculous javascript frameworks for some of the subpages. (lame!)  I haven’t made up my mind about the Information Architecture, but from a visual standpoint, there are things reminiscent of the Intuit redesign I worked on.  Notice the black background!  I wonder if the Apple people looked at Intuit at all, or were they too cool for that?  One thing that surprised me was when I checked the documenet size (all of the files one has to download to view the page) on somee of Apple’s subpages.  Their Mac page is 772k.  This is one of the largest pages I have ever seen.  It’s as bigger than a full RIA application!  I guess they don’t care and assume everyone is on high speed.  Still, that’s big.  I will look at the redesign more closely later.

The second piece of news that REALLY pissed me off is Safari for the Mac.  I need another browser on the PC like I need a hole in my head.  Safari doesn’t have good debugging tools.  It is the only browser on the mac that the Marketo application won’t run on.   It’s riddiculous. I begged them to kill Safari.  It’s like this is punishment for me!  I am sick of screwing around with float:left to make all the browsers act the same.  Stop the insanity.  Besides, why does Jobs think that anyone on a PC will want Safari?  I hate Apple software.  iTunes makes me so mad.  I wish I never bought an iPod.  This mistake will not happen again.  No more Apple products for me, EVER!

Lastly is the iPhone. I’ve seen a bunch of commercials.  It looks nice, but clearly not for me.  First of all, it only works on AT&T so I can’t use it.  But even if I could use it, it’s like $600+ so I can’t afford it.  And even if I could afford it, it looks fragile, so I would break it within 2 days.  And even if I didn’t break it, it has too many features.  What the hell do I need all that for?  I don’t use my phone camera.  I don’t use Text Messaging.  I like my phone to ring and I like to talk to people on it.  I have tried several PDA devices over the years.  I remember the year we got everyone HP PDA’s with big screens.  They were cool.  But I really didn’t use it.  I wonder if I would like a Crackberry?  I have seen people using them.  They look like they have OCD. (“must check email, must check email, must check email…Wopner on in 5 minutes)

OK, I have veered off topic.  I was trying to tell something to Apple.  Apple, I love your commercials.  Now, could you please adopt Firefox and kill Safari?  Please? If you do, I will stop saying iTunes sucks.

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I hate to break it to you, but odds are my next home computer will be a Mac. I’ve been using one full-time at work for almost 18 months now, and I find that the more I work with OSX, the more I like it. And with the upgrade choices reduced to OSX or Vista, Mac is a pretty appealing choice.

I posted some initial thoughts on the Safari thing over chez Lux.

Whatya think?