Background-position-y: Firefox Fails!

I am trying to switch to the technique of 1 giant icons file.  I didn’t like the opacity filter for the disabled elements.  I really wanted grayscale.  So I had to use duplicate images.  I made a grid on my image so that the math was easy.  See image here.  So in my CSS, all I have to do is adjust the horizontal axis for the background-position.  Internet Explorer does this with background-position-x.  Firefox doesn’t support that!  They just have regular background-position.

This blows.  Now my css for this section is 3x longer than it needs to be.  Bad Firefox. I usually don’t need to say that, but, well, there it is.

Unless there is a CSS opacity filter that shields out all the color?  It would be a cool feature for IE8 and FF3!

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