Bad Allergies

Wow, today is a terrible allergy day.  I took a claritin, but I still feel awful.  Maybe this is punishment for being mean to Katie.  She deserves better.  I woke up and my eyes immediately started bleeding, then I started sneezing.  I took a drink of water because I was terribly dehydrated and the fluid went straight to my nose.  Now my nose is raw from tissues and my head feels wobbly.

I wish I had the personality of someone who goes to the doctor and gets allergy shots.  This stinks.

I can’t think straight like this.

One reply on “Bad Allergies”

Holy lord, I am feeling your pain. Worst allergies of all time last night. WTF?

Slept perhaps 3 hours last night, this morning my bedroom looked like a war zone (if that war was fought with kleenex). I am online right now trying to figure out what is causing this. Also, tons of my colleagues at work are calling in sick or also have had horrible allergies within the last three days.

I am also on Claritin-D. Gotta have the D!

Good luck,

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