Barack Obama = Bill Bradley?

I remember the 2000 primaries.  Al Gore was battling Bill Bradley.  I don’t remember all of the details, but specifically, I remember feeling guilty after the election.  I thought, Bill Bradley would have been a better candidate.

Right now, I am having deja vu.  Is Barack Obama the new Bill Bradley?  Will I feel remorse after the fall and think, “Ahh, Obama would have been a better candidate?”  Of course, he is no Biden, but that this point it is a three way race.    I still will vote for Biden if his name is on the ballot, but if it isn’t then I was thinking, “Who is best?”

On the one hand, I think about the big picture, long term view.  Will Barack Obama be better for African Americans than Hillary Clinton would be for women?  Both are oppressed groups.   On the other hand, I think about the short term election.  Winning is not a sure thing at all.  Iraq is looking a little better.  Who knows where we will bee in a year?  Which candidate has a better chance of winning?  Based on my first law of presidential elections (“Charisma wins”) then I would have to say that Obama has more charisma than Clinton or Edwards.

Well, on the bright side, at least California will not have a winner predetermined. Our vote counts for something.

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