Ever since Shaq entered the league, I have hated basketball. It was all bump, bump, slam. The post was the worst play in the world. It was boring. What happened to the no-look pass? What happened to the 3-point shot? What happened to faked him out of his shoes that Michael Jordan made famous?

Well, I am here to say, Steve Nash is the second coming of basketball. He is fun to watch. I love watching the whole suns team. He PASSES the ball. He dribbled between his legs. He is smooth and fast. All of the sudden I am seeing athetes, not pituitary giants. Thank god. Finally!

So I am officially interested in basketball. I guess I am a Suns fan, but not seriously. It’s a casual thing. Don’t worry Jets, I promise I will never really love another team. I love you Jets. Hugs and Kisses. Why don’t you love me back? Bastards.

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