Big Love

Watching Big Love with Katie. I think polygamy is interesting. Of course, there is the down side of the bickering, but the upside is nice too. You don’t have to worry about “in the mood” issues. More people to clean up is good. The only problem is the money. I don’t make enough to support three families. How can I make more money? Clearly, polygamy doesn’t work without room for lots of people. I would have to make millions to afford a big house on the peninsula. Clearly, this isn’t going to work out.

That’s it, I clearly am not going to be able to become a Mormon.

What if Katie made millions singing? She could have multiple husbands. I would, of course, be First Husband. I would be a good First Husband. I would make all the other husbands bow before me and fear me. They would love me too. But like a big brother, not like a..You know.

Is this a strange topic? Will my children think I’m crazy when they learn to read this? Big Love is crazy. I can’t watch this. Must turn off TV. Must…Turn….Off..

One reply on “Big Love”

It’s a great deal for the person who gets three time the love, attention, and of course sex. It’s not such a great deal for the multiples, who only get 1/3 of a spouse. Ultimately I see it as deeply disrespectful of the concept of marriage as a true partnership.

And as you noted, it’s all connected to who has the money and power in the relationship, which is why it’s one man and multiple women much more often than the other way around.

Whatya think?