Book, by Glen Lipka

I am interested in writing a book.  It’s hard to get started and get organized.  The theme of the book is this:

People who know HTML and CSS, but are newbies or know nothing about JavaScript can create nice looking but static websites.  They can’t add interactivity unless an engineer helps them out.  I was one of these people.  jQuery has changed my lifein this regard.  It has allowed me to make real UX choices and implement them in cross-browser and elegant ways.

I can show through examples and explanation how to use HTML/CSS and jQuery to build very interactive and robust websites without learning to program.  It is not really any harder than using CSS alone.  I want to empower non-programmers to create great things without begging for help from engineers.

The main thing for me is to organize my thoughts logically and start the process.  The journey of a thousand pages (well, maybe 300 pages) begins with a single sentence.  Maybe I should start ith an outline.  Or should I start with examples.  Ugh.

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