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I filled out this MSNBC Candidates/Issues Matrix. Looking carefully at the positions of all the candidates, I rated them all.  As I expected, Hillary Clinton is not as progressive as I would like her to be.  Mike Gravel has some good positions, but he seems “a few kb short of a meg” to me.  The guy I was most inline with is Joe Biden.  Joe is the man.  He reminds me alot of Paul Kaplan.

On the other side of the spectrum is Tom Tancredo.  Tom is a bonafide wack-a-doodle.  Nutjob.  Crackhead.   He’s insane.  No seriously.  Really.  Look at his positions.  Are you kidding me?



  1. The MSNBC Candidates/Issues Matrix is the best solution I have seen for obtaining an across-the-board view of each candidates position on specific issues. I’ve watched many of televised debates and I have always come-away being more confused than I was before the debate. This is a tremendous learning tool. My thanks to the creator(s).

  2. When you made the comment ‘progressiv’ do you mean secualar humanist (as in Humanist Manifesto I,II, 2000), post Modern, relativism?

  3. @Plucknpick: I haven’t read those documents. I will check them out. However, my definition of progressive goes back to a biography I read on Henry Wallace. (Sec of Agriculture and VP for FDR). He was a capitalist and inventor. Fundamentally, he believed that if you mix science, ingenuity, common sense with a strong moral compass you could make people’s lives more fruitful and productive. He was one of the first politicians to use statistics to figure out how to avoid famine. He created a system where the government helped regulate and smooth the prices of wheat and corn. This avoided serious famine and reduced risk for farmers. This led to prosperity for a whole generation of people.

    I believe in that vision. I think our country, and our world is filled with injustice and faulty systems. We can fly a man to the moon, but we can’t provide clean drinking water to millions of people. We have enormous wealth, but also enormous poverty.

    Another influential book on the subject is the Mystery of Capital. This book spoke to the same vision. Justice doesn’t come without the systems that support it. It all feeds back into my vision of User Experience. People don’t enjoy anything unless the design of that thing allows and encourages enjoyment. I hope this starts to answer the question.

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