Counter-Intuitive Thinking

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The thing about counter-intuitive thinking is that its often the correct logical thinking and almost everyone believes the opposite. Logic and common intuition are not friends.

For example, you can often ONLY get things done with the opposite person you expect. Some examples:

Only a Jew can make fun of the Holocaust
Just ask Mel Brooks. It’s OK to make fun because it’s our hardship to bear, but others can’t make fun of it. That’s anti-semitic. (I was raised Jewish btw and make fun of almost everything)

Only a Black person can use the N-word
We watch the show Insecure with Issa Rae and she says it constantly. However, it’s empowering to own words that previously hurt you. Just ask Tyrion Lannister about being called the Imp.

Only a General elected to President can cut defense spending
If Hillary Clinton had won the presidency, she would have had to be “tough” on foreign policy or people would have thought she was a “weak woman”. She would never have pushed to cut military spending. However, if we elected a 4-star General, then that person would not be considered weak on defense and could actually cut programs that are incredibly expensive and wasteful. (Like nuclear submarines)

Only a right-wing wacko (Trump) can get single payer/universal health care
It would be a serious coup for Trump. If he pushed for Bernie Sanders health care system, all of the democrats would leap at the chance and he just needs a couple of republicans. He is dominant right now in republican politics. Eric Cantor is a prime lesson (look it up) in how the alt-right can turn on its own. If they pressured the right, Trump would successfully repeal and replace ObamaCare with something better, save tens of trillion of dollars over the coming decades and forever be remembered as a politician who changed healthcare in the US. As a progressive, I would even agree to building a stupid fucking 100 billion dollar wall on the southern border if it meant medicare-for-all.  It’s a matter of priorities. Trump would get everything he wanted/promised AND the actual right policy (not the wall) would be implemented.  A democrat can not get this passed. A normal republican can’t get this passed. Only a right-wing wacko can.

I wish the world wasn’t this way. I wish we would live in a meritocracy where we all lived by logic and fairness. I wish ideas stood on their merit. Unfortunately, that isn’t the life we have.

Many of the answers to our problems are counter-intuitive. Thinking out of the logic box is important and understanding the true dynamics of our psychologies will help us move forward as a civilization and solve important problems.


Whatya think?