Creative Genius

A colleague lent me this book. Orbiting the Giant Hairball by Gordon MacKenzie. I read the first few pages and I am really intrigued. Here is the cliff-notes edition of the first 5 pages.

The guy is a sculptor. He visits elementary schools once a month for a whole day. He sits with each grade one at a time. He basically starts the same way. “Hi, I am an artist! I noticed all the art work on the walls, there must be other artists here too. The great art on the walls makes me happy and energized. Who here is an artist besides me?”
Kindergarten: All the kids reach sky high and wave their arms around.
First Grade: Half the kids raise their arms shoulder high.
Second Grade: A couple of kids raise their arms tentatively. Looking around to see if it’s ok.
On and on it goes until the 6th grade where hardly anyone raises their hand and those that do try to be very quiet and subtle about it.

His question is: What is going on? What is happening to the creative spark that is inside of us?

I am going to read the whole book. Read the reviews on Amazon. I think this may be a special book.

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