Cute, but annoying

This morning Jared and Ethan are playing. Ethan pretends to hit Jared. Jared Screams and comes running (crying) to me.

“Daddy, Eeeftan hit me. I say Peas Top! You spank his bottom!”

He then turns to Ethan and yells, “You in time out!”

I said, “Ethan did you hit him?” Ethan says, “No, I just pretended to hit him.”I respond, “Could you please cut it out? He keeps screaming when you do that.”
Jared chimes in, “Yeah, Eeeftan! I say Peas Top!”
“Ok”, I say, “Jared, stop whining. Ethan stop hitting.”

Silence lasts for 35 seconds. Jared comes running in crying. “Daddeeee, Eeeftan hurt my heart! Kiss it”

I blow two distracted kisses his way. “Thank you!” he calls as he runs back to play with Ethan.

What should I do with them? Can’t sell them.

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