Da Jets (Draft)

For the second time, since I can remember, I am not unhappy after the NFL Draft. The first time was when the Jets selected Abraham, Ellis and Pennington. All good additions. This year the Jets selected 10 players. (This is alot for a draft). And I am very happy.

If I were grading them based on my expectations, they got an A+. They blew away my expectations. If I were grading them on a bell curve, compared to the other teams in the NFL, they would get an A. Not the best of the draft, but damn good. If I were grading them based on the “perfect draft” which even today can not be judged, because who knows how late picks will pan out, I would give them a B.

My amateur analysis:

  • D’Brickashaw Ferguson T Virginia – Perfect pick
  • Nick Mangold C Ohio State – Needed a Center, smart pick
  • Kellen Clemens QB Oregon – Might be awesome. Depends on Ramsey/Pennington.
  • Anthony Schlegel LB Ohio State – Huh? Is this kid a starter? There were better picks.
  • Eric Smith CB Michigan State – There were other better picks at the time.
  • Brad Smith QB Missouri – Is he even going to play QB? Will he make the team?
  • Leon Washington RB Florida State – Dont know much about him.
  • Jason Pociask TE Wisconsin – ok
  • Drew Coleman CB TCU – Will this guy make the team?
  • Titus Adams DT Nebraska

Lots of movement, some sophisticated trades. Overall, Coach Mangingi and GM Tannenbaum did great. This was their first draft and they showed patience and focus. Great job guys. Now all you need to do is win the superbowl this year. Piece of cake.

Oh, justfor records, God has not yet told me who is going to win the Superbowl next year. I have a hunch, but I will wait to hear it directly from the big guy.

Whatya think?