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I have been trying to get Ethan and Jared to play together, but it is hard. Ethan wants to play with older kids and his friends and Jared is as obstinate as another “brother” I can think of. I tried using some uber-threat techniques on Jared and it backfired.

He was riding his bike with Ethan next to him while I was walking with Matthew in my arms. He started to slow down and then, quite on purpose, turned too sharply and fell over. He then proceeded to cry and whine, “I want my Mommmy”.

I told him, Stop whining! If he didn’t stop whining, I was (here it comes), “going to throw his bike away!” He looked at me a little funny and then said, “ok.” I said, “Im serious, I am going to throw away your bike and your helmet away forever.” He said, “Ok”.

“Damn!” I thought. How could he do this? He has a will of iron! I took off his helmet and took his bike and we walked back to the house. The whole way, I was feeling so mad that a 2 year old outwitted me! We got back to the house and I told him to sit down in a chair next to me in the garage. I held Matt in my arms and practiced the Ukelelee. The whole time, I am thinking, “Damn!” I couldn’t even think of what to do next. He sat quietly next to me for 20 minutes while I stewed and played.

Eventually he said, “Do you want to play soccer with me daddy?”

What kind of son is Jared? So frustrating and so obstinate and yet when he asked that question, my heart melted and all I could think, staring into his disney cartoon sized eyes, “Damn, He is such a great kid.”


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