Debugging Notes

Some debugging complaints:

  1. Safari sucks.  There is no Firebug or IE Developer for Safari.  There is this thing called Webkit, but I can’t figure out how it works.  What the hell Apple?  Why do you have to be difficult?  No one wants Safari.  Safari has nothing special over other browsers.  It’s a pain in the ass to debug, and as a developer, I just don’t want more work to do tweaking css instead of designing world-class experiences.  Please, for the love of Jobs, KILL SAFARI!  Use Firefox!  It’s open source!  Everyone loves it.  It’s a good browser.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!  I am on my virtual knees begging you!  KILL SAFARI!
  2. WordPress 2.2 does not suck.  Overall it’s good.  HOWEVER, since upgrading, I get a javascript error when trying to write a post.  Its in tiny_mce_gzip.js (return this.contentWindow.document;).  I have no idea.  What I do know is that I can’t write a post.  Even in firefox, I get these errors “inst has no properties”. (getCSSClasses)  Again, I have no idea.  But I don’t like it.  I am waiting for a jQuery plugin to replace the editor.  I am not pleased.
  3. Additional Safari issue.  It’s very sensitive to well-formed HTML.  I had some bad nesting and it looked god-awful in Safari.  Everything else looked ok.  It means that, when dealing with a public site, you gotta validate your HTML.  One error I got in the validator was the”rel” wasn’t a valid attribute for a DIV.  This is a bummer.  Suggestion to the W3C.  Please make a couple of freeform attributes!  Like custom1, custom2, customer3.  It would solve so many problems to just have a couple of custom fields!  A little help over here, huh?
  4. Firebug is great, I wish that Microsoft would improve their IE Dev Tool bar to keep up.
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