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Divine Intervention

Last night, God spoke to me.

God said, “Glen?”
I said, “Yeah?.”
God said, “You know, the Jets are going to win the superbowl this year. I know I mentioned that last year, but I forgot about Pennington’s rotator cuff. I had a sticky note on my fridge to remind me to injure him, but I forgot about that when I told you they were going to win. This year I have no plans for him. Check out this article. Looks like Pennington is fine. 89%. So just to let you know. Jets will win the superbowl this year.”
“Yeah?”, I said.
“Yeah.” God confirmed.

Well, there you have it. Anyone who disagrees with me is obviously not on God’s side. God bless the Jets.

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  1. How can God be wrong? I’m putting on this. 😉

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