Do you believe in Ghosts?

Gallup released a pol in 2005 asking about paranormal activities.  This is Gallup, not some fly-by-night polling service.

It’s not very long, please look at it.  I can’t believe, CAN”T BELIEVE that 37% of Americans believe that a house can be haunted.  And 21% believe in witches.

I don’t know which is scarier: This poll or the fact that Sarah Palin thinks the world will end in her lifetime.

Oh well, Happy Halloween!  Free Halloween desktop wallpaper.

2 thoughts on “Do you believe in Ghosts?

  1. I believe in ghosts honey. Once I saw one in the OMNI Park Central hotel in midtown Manhattan. There used to be a swimming pool there, I think in the 20s and someone drowned in it. I think that’s the ghost I saw.

    I am so cereal. Ferreel.

    No really. REALLY. I’m not just kidding.

    It’s boring not to believe in ghosts. They’re there. They’re just hiccups in brain waves.

  2. Well, Sarah Palin’s world is going to end, in about 5 days or so. Bye bye limelight, 15 minutes of fame over.

    But really, it depends on what a person’s definition of “haunted” is — doesn’t always have to mean ghosts. Could just mean “scary.”

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