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I just couldnt get my head around the new easing naming conventions. (jQuery Plugin) So I made a cheat sheet page.

The naming convention is so techie.  I really can’t get my head around them and what they mean.  Some of them are so subtle in their differences, I can’t even tell if it’s working. Easing in general is a great thing. It makes your transitions so much better.

The reason I am messing around with it is to play with this new ZoomBox implementation from Stefan Petre.  I am so happy that finally there is a jQuery version of Highslide.  It is such a useful function for so many websites. Highslide is definitely richer, but it’s a start.  I am experimenting with Zoombox now and hopefully will use it when we redesign the Marketo site.


  1. “Glen Lipka helps us with a really useful “live” jQuery Easing Cheat Sheet to quickly find the animation we need. Really useful.”
    In english should be better. 😉 Only good words. 🙂 Thanks again.

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