Ethan the entrepreneur

Yesterday, we had a great Mother’s Day. In the morning, we went over to Burlingame (a very nice community that we hope to live in one day). Ethan was petting someone’s dog and said that he could make the dog sit. The owner said, “Ok, give it a try, but he is only a puppy.” He called the dog and got his attention, “Sit!” he said and used the international dog symbol for sitting. The dog promptly sat down. The owner was pretty impressed.

After that Ethan was calling out, “Teach your dog to sit! One dollar!” No other customers showed up, but Ethan was determined. He said, “Daddy, I have an idea”.

“I am going to put together a lemonade stand and sell lemonade for 50 cents a glass. I need help. Can you put the nails in the wood for me? And mommy, can you write down ‘Lemonade, 50 cents’ on a piece of paper so I know what to write on the sign. Also, I need to know how to make lemonade, can someone show me how to do that.”

He went on and on about finding the right location, getting set up and making dollars. He also stated WHY he wants to make money. He wants to start a dodgeball club at school and to do that he needs matching wrist bands. We think he needs about $10 to make it happen.

He is so driven for this goal. He has been working at it for months. I think he needs an allowance. We should put it on the calendar. I am proud of him, but I mentioned today that sometimes having a good business idea doesn’t equal alot of money. But, I guess that is a lesson for another day.

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