Experimenting with New Theme

There is one thing I love more than anything else, and that’s Katie.  However, a close second runner-up is trying new software.  I love new software.  I love trying new things.  I am addicted to it.  My theme is no exception.  The newness of it is just intoxicating.

As you can see, I have the Lemon Twist up and running…mostly.

There are a few errors that I have to work out and of course, I need to customize it.  Here is my experience so far.

  1. I think there was an error on line 49 of commentform.php.  It was killing the page having TWO endif statements.  I eliminated one and it seemed to fix the problem.
  2. One thing I did was put hidden DIVs on every single page saying the name of the file.  I think this really should be best practice for theme makers.  It’s so hard to tell where one file ends and another begins.  Although I am digging this theme, underneath, I felt that there was ALOT of duplicated code and html.  It’s important to reduce complexity by never repeating html.
  3. I made nav_current_right.png twice as wide.  It doesn’t hurt anything because it’s a background, but if you have a long named page then it doesn’t fill up the box.  Make 3x as long would have been right.
  4. I changed the jQuery call from static 1.2.1 to dynamic 1.2.6.  This will keep it up to date better and serve it faster.
  5. I removed the theme authors google analytics and put in my own.  This is a major silly thing to leave in the theme.  It will mess people up if they don’t catch it.
  6. Seems to conflict with the shareThis plugin.  It has some of it’s own social networking functionality.  I sort of like the shareThis one more.
  7. On his site, the recent comments look nice.  On mine, it looks jacked up.  I need to fix that.
  8. I stuck in quickie versions of my head and logo.  The head needs rework.  The logo is ok.  I like the font, Karabine.
  9. In header.php there was a <br /> right at the top.  I wonder why it was there.  I took it out so that my fade started way at the top.  I made the fade 2000px wide.  It’s just 6k, so it’s not so heavy, but this will help with the IE6 issues.  I am going to adopt this approach until IE6 is gone.  I haven’t tested this theme in IE6, but I am pretty sure it’s not going to be pretty.  The author said as much in his comments, but I believe any issues can be fixed with the wide PNG technique.
  10. I lowered the padding at the bottom.  Not sure why it was 150px.  50px seemed more than enough.

Well, I have more work to do.  I really like the background pattern.  My main concern now is the recent comments formatting.  I am sure Katie is wondering what happened to me.  Sorry Katie.

Whatya think?