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ExtJS Conference 2009 – Day 2

My presentation is today.  I feel like I have slightly too many slides for the amount of time allotted.  Probably, a few of the principles will need to only get a passing glance.  Like Balance:  Use the whole screen!  Next slide!

Jack Slocum just gave a keynote address.  No slides, 1 question, 5 minutes total.  Jack cracks me up.  He is a brilliant engineer, interaciton designer and CSS guru, (as well as overall nice guy), but public speaking is clearly not his thing. The vision of Ext is still a little bit murky for me.

My best interpretation is that Ext is expanding out of just the client-side framework space.  The first expansion is towards the backend data connector area with Ext Direct.  This allows a more consistent interface with the database.  It gets a little techie for my limited understanding.  When they talk about GWT, I just don’t understand what the heck they are talking about.  It might be great, but it’s over my head.

Overall, the conference is good.  I got a T-Shirt, which is always a sign of a good conference. The organization has been good, with few snags.  The people are engaged and interested. (About 200=300 people).  I am pleased.  I would suggest it to any Ext developer next year.

Let’s see how they react to my presenation.  Hopefully, they will like it.

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  1. Oh, don’t worry about the tech side, I’m sure that’ll work great — what matters is how it looks. 😛

  2. Angel Marrero Angel Marrero

    Due to the overall conference timing, I wasn’t able to stay ’til the end to applaud. The presentation was great. So far one of my favorites from the conference.

  3. Thank you. 🙂 I hope it helps you building the next great app! 🙂

  4. Eugene Eugene

    It was a great presentation, Glen! Looking forward to seeing again next year 🙂

  5. Thanks Eugene. Hopefully more people will invite me to speak, I love doing it.

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