Eye Floaters

They are called Vitreous Floaters. There is a whole website dedicated to them. They are the little hairs that you sometimes see floating into your field of vision like little ghosts. When you try to look directly at them they move out of your field of view. When you stop trying, they come right back, floating just off the center of your vision. They are shy and do not like being looked at.

I asked Katie and she said, “I have no idea what you are talking about”.

I just read a book about creativity which made the analogy that those little hairs are like the creative process. If you try to look closely at it, to measure it, to make a process out of it…it will just disappear. The creative process is elusive and can’t be pinned down so easily. I think it is an apt analogy.

Who out there has Eye Floaters? Let Katie know. We are not alone. We should unite and create a union. We have rights! Power to the People!

Speaking of non sequiturs: (Thank You Susan Lipka) Ron Dellums is going to be the next mayor of Oakland. I am excited to see how he does. He has always been a legislator. I wonder how he can make the switch to the executive branch.

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