Fake Bush Documents

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Now, I hate Bush as much as the next normal person, but these documents are obvious forgeries.

The question is WHO forged them. My theory is that Karl Rove forged them as a red herring. In other words, he put out the forgeries, INTENDING them to be discovered and throw smoke over the entire Bush Coast Guard discussion. He is a devious, evil genius, this Karl Rove. Beware.

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  1. I wonder what else Rove has done to help bush. I know he is an evil genius, but an evil SUPER genius?
    1) Have you ever seen Osoma Bin Laden and Rove in the same room at the same time. The 9/11 attacks have helped Bush more than anything else
    2) Can he control the weather? Build hurricane-making devices, ravage Florida (the key swing state), and than have Bush fly down there with tons of Federal money to help people.
    3) Rove somehow got pictures of Tony Blair having sex with the Queen and is using it as blackmail. (I can’t see other reason why Blair would go along with Bush).
    4) Rove has been hiring millions of American workers (to decrease the unemployment numbers) and than throwing them off cliffs.
    5) Rove kidnapped Miami Dolphins running back Ricky Williams, and faked a note from Williams saying that he was retiring. He did this to crush and hopes or dreams that people in Florida might have, and without hope, Bush is a winner.

    *6) If you scramble the letters in his full name, “Karl Chillie Rove”, it spells…..


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