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This Article from MSNBC is pretty interesting. I think the federal government, by design, is totally imcomprehensible. Articles like this at least start you off in the right direction. Not all is as it seems to be. Do not judge a policy by its PR campaign.

Anyway, lately I have been thinking about my own budget. I am starting to itch for a new computer. I think I should wait until a 64-bit of Longhorn is available. (This is the next generation of Windows from Microsoft). Then I will get a 64-bit AMD processor. Of course this implies a new motherboard, case, power supply, ram, Serial ATA Hard drive and PCI-X video card. This would officially kick ass. Maybe my birthday is the right time to pull the trigger? Or next Solstice?

I figure I need around $500 for the whole shebang. Maybe. Maybe more. I need a fix.

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  1. I did a new PC build for about $600 this summer but my h/w requirements were lower than yours. Even allowing for ongoing downward price pressure on componants, I’d budget at least $750 for a new box.

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