Fiction & Whining

I finished reading The Da Vinci code. I was annoyed through the whole book. I had forgotten why I do not read fiction anymore. This book reminded me. From now until I forget again, I am only reading non-fiction. I am still on Power Broker. Great book. Actually, I find that most non-fiction books make me feel very strongly about the issues involved during the time I am reading them. I like that, but I think it annoys others.

This morning Jared just would not stop whining. He is really concerning me. How can I get him to pep up? His whole attitude is negative. “Whatever other people want, I want the opposite.” I tried yelling at him, but I don’t think that is going to work. I can’t bribe him because that would further encourage the behavior. I tried reasoning with him, but he isn’t ready for that yet. Maybe I should just be patient and ignore the issue until next year. Or would that only cement this negativity into his personality? Being positive and energetic is an important value I want to pass on to my kids. Oh, the joys of parenting.

PS. Was I whining about Fiction? Am I a hypocrite? Uh oh!

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