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Flat Animated Liquid Style

One thing I am really obsessed with right now is the use of animation in an enterprise SaaS product. I think, done well, it can dramatically enhance the experience. Some places it can be used:

  • Loading images
  • Page transitions
  • Empty states (like when search yields 0 results)
  • New objects that haven’t been set up yet
  • Marketing website
  • Educational materials

Personality is important and I think anyone who inserts this kind of love will get a leg up on the competition.

Below are some examples of what I think this style looks like. Notice the simplicity of the lines. All of the love comes in the details of the animation.







I could stare at that squid all day long.

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  1. Reza Reza

    It definitely makes waiting a ton more enjoyable 🙂 Are you working on one such animations?

  2. I love the squid! Would make a great emoticon 😉

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